Detox for a couple of weeks.
Have been avoiding social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

It’s day 3, already feeling positive and less stressed

Only downside is what to do in free time

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    Delete those accounts
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    *pauses social media. post about that in social media*

    no offense, just thought it was funny. still getting your point.
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    Read a book.
    Walk your cat
    Let your cat walk you
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    But this IS social media. Just a (paradoxically) less hostile corner of it.
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    Go down the rabbit hole of some technology you have curiosity about and is in NO way relevant to your current work: Erlang? Smalltalk? Writing compilers & interpreters? Go/Rust? Retro gaming on a Raspberry PI? Creating Games in Python? Playing chess/go?

    Just pick a topic, so long as you have interest in it and have NO expectation of outcome other than that you'll entertain your brain and walk away having learned a little more than you knew about it before.
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    Go long!
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    @erroronline - true if you take it as a social media, I take devRant more like a community or friends

    @homo-lorens totally agree

    @xMadxHatterx - did that today, I learned how to read candle charts today, once you understand those , you see share market charts totally differently
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    what's a free time, kidding, well pursue some hobbies...
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