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i can barely type right now im so frusterated

I've told my manager multiple times that I don't feel comfortable with the task hes trying to give me because it feels way too large (its designing/programming/testing/documenting an entire prototype cloud file sync application and server backend service on my own, replacing one we have had for several years) and he still just ignores me and persists that I should be thankful for the opportunity and challenge.

It pisses me off so much when people say dumb shit like, 'its a great opportunity to learn' at work. No it isn't. Your boss is going to be on your fucking case for taking too long or not delivering enough, and thats exactly what happened. He got upset and said he was expecting more things to have been written down by now, like design notes. I was just fuming. Design notes? I'm not even a freaking designer, I've never designed any type of big software ever, what the fuck do you want from me.

On top of that, I don't know where the hell he expects me to get time for this. I'm apparently also devops so I get yoinked off of anything im doing if some stupid thing breaks in some other environment about something I really don't even care about. Any other random ass task just gets dumped on me too. I'm supposed to be a 'junior developer', and get paid as such (i've wanted to go to the intermediate level but get told the title doesn't actually matter and no pay raise for you) but I get the responsibilties of a whole fucking team dumped on me and its just

do I just quit now? I'm just, for fuck sakes man

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    Break the task down into achievable milestones.
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    Might as well get the intermediate title so you can tell other companies you're intermediate when you're applying to them
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    And that's what I like to call "employee abuse."

    I mean, I expect junior devs to learn new things as they progress, but they also need to be guided and a good manager or senior developer will provide that guidance - not throw people into a fucking fire and expecting a miracle. Your company is also just as bad to force any junior dev to operate like an entire IT team under the guise of "on the job experience." That's basically taking advantage of you in the name of labor cost savings.

    I've been the same situation before, and leaving was always the best option. Find a better place to grow, is what I say.
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    If you cannot learn a thing because there are no people you can learn the thing FROM, the ones giving the order to make the thing... don't actually UNDERSTAND the thing.

    Make some wireframes and call them a design spec. Works for my dumbass manager.
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