What does everyone think of the windows insiders file explorer revamp?

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    If you mean the icons rewamp - then I would say, OK. They do look nice and refreshed but who really cares as long as the system works. I cared about this stuff more 20 yrs ago - now I care only if it does not break down on me so I do not have the hassle of fixing things :D
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    Auto update has been disabled since I installed Windows 10
    So, not sure
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    No idea what that is
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    It's still that old Explorer just with new icons, and I'm afraid it'll still take up most of my CPU and then occasionally crash. They should at least try to decouple the system taskbar from the file explorer.
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    if you talk about the somewhat touch-enhanced version i have the feeling of missing features at first glance but didn't give it a chance for everyday use yet though.

    https://youtu.be/1pzeZjeLwVw i am talking about
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    @rEaL-jAsE i guess some text to speech. was my first compact finding. sorry for the disturbance.
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