Personal Opinion - I consider investing in stocks or anything related to that as Gambling. I hate it. Guess someone had a bad experience lol

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    I do to a point, but if someone is going to gamble, the stock market is a much better place to do it than the casino.

    There are people that understand the markets that can do this very effectively though and make a truck load of cash. It's not for me, but when your knowledge rises to a certain point, it's not nearly as much of a risk.
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    In gambling, the odds are stacked against you, so the house has a higher chance of winning. The more games you play, the better their outcome. And worst of all for you: if you lose a bet, you lose the entire bet.

    With investments, the odds are an even 50/50 if you simply guess (don’t listen to others; it often reduces your odds). Also, you can learn technical analysis and other ways of predicting the markets that can increase those odds. Furthermore, if you suspect something will go up, and it instead goes down, you don’t lose everything, only however much the trade went down. You are literally *buying* something and then selling it later. What you bought simply went down in value; it didn’t disappear.

    There are also several methods of hedging that can reduce your risk.“Options” in particular allow you a lot of freedom. Instead of buying something directly, you’re buying the option to buy the thing at a given price, no matter what the price does later on. You can do this to take a position on the ‘bad’ side of an investment to recoup your potential losses at a cost of some % of your potential profits. If you’re confident an investment will increase later, you can also keep buying as the price drops to lower your average cost, and sell when it rises above your profit level.

    But the best of all is “stop-losses,” a fancy term for an auto sell order. Not only can careful use of these prevent you from losing more than some % of your trade, it can also make it literally impossible for you to lose money. Example: If you are well in profit in a trade and set a stop loss some % below its current value, the stop loss will trigger if the price drops too much, selling you out at a profit. And you can keep raising your stop loss as the trade improves. So even if the stock/coin totally crashes, it doesn’t matter because you have a stop loss in place. It’s literally impossible for you to lose money in this situation.

    You should learn. It’s fun :)
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    @AlmondSauce you could say the same about gambling in casinos.
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    @Root admittedly, this is very true - in gambling - house always wins. Not so true when it comes to stock trading, yes there is a fine line between making it and wiping out, but at least you get better chances.
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    I like to call it professional gambling lol
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    Financial instruments are just tools, whether you're talking certificates, options or stocks.

    They're useful if used responsibly. A well diversified stock portfolio can be an investment for generations to come.

    Same way an irresponsible CFD trader can lose a fortune in a matter of hours.

    Use a hydraulic cutter irresponsibly, and you're gambling away your limbs. Learn to do it properly and it's quite literally a lifesaver.
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    @theKarlisK How on earth can you say that? The odds are always stacked against you in casinos. The only time anyone made a professional career over it was by cheating.
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    I'm reminded of an article a little while ago that tested the best stock market predictions by humans, against random chance.

    Same !

    Of course if you have insider information..

    AI might do a better job..

    I wonder if anyone has run modern tests to determine if that is true or not ?

    I'm reminded of someone I know who has always got every job they applied for..

    I'm not sure they realise how lucky they are !

    They have also never had a romantic love interest, so I guess their luck balanced out then..

    I'm reminded of:

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    @Nanos they might also just have been extremely anxious to be rejected and only applied once they really liked the chances which isn't really a smart idea as far as I know but hey
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    I'm reminded of lumberjacks..



    What Is the Most Dangerous Job in America?

    The most dangerous job in the U.S. right now is logging work. Logging workers have a fatality rate of 135.9, which is nearly 50 points higher than the closest second — truly staggering. About 91 loggers died in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and considering that the job only pays $40,830 as an annual mean wage, the job hardly seems worth it. It seems like they call loose branches “widowmakers” for a reason!


    I remember nearly losing a finger using an axe, after that, both hands on the axe at all times. :-)
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    I'm reminded buying property is a bit of a gamble.

    A friend of mine got this sweet deal on a place, a few years before another country invaded and flattened it..

    I did once ponder buying a very cheap property near the sea, and building a concrete sea wall around it, since it would only be a few years before the coast eroded in that area. ( Hence property was very very cheap ! )

    Then I'd have my own island. :-)

    But there aren't many amphibious cars for that kind of house to choose from..

    One solution perhaps..


    > HOMEMADE Boat Car!!

    > (Amphibious Vehicle gokart)
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    I love gambling and I love stocks
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    They only ever asked someone out once, who said no, and after that, they feared rejection so much, they waited for someone else to make the first move.

    Which sadly no one ever has as of yet.

    They was quite physically attractive, and nicer personality wise when they was younger.

    Which could mean, there might be someone you know of, who is like that, and just waiting for you to ask them out !

    Of course, they might say no..

    With the wonders of the internet, you can ask out millions of people to find out if that works or not. :-)

    The answer is, if you aren't attractive enough for them, it doesn't work !

    If only you had insider information. :-)
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    You should consider learning about stock market first. Then you would not consider, investing in it, a gamble. It’s not a game of betting blindly. Don’t stop investing. Learn and invest.
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