Have I ever mentioned how much TypeScript compensates for JavaScript's Lack of being statically typed?
It's. So. Much. Better.

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    You never mentioned.
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    Well, it also support compiling to other language although not always perfect. WASM is one of them. Yes, you can compile TS to WASM
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    @Ubbe what are our options for web frontend?
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    So, another variation of: “For the love of fucking, god - DO NOT BUILD AND MAINTAIN ANYTHING IN RAW JAVASCRIPT!”?😜
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    It's purely amazing being able to use JS powers with types added.

    It surely comes with its own limitations due to being based on JS, it doesn't really bother me but I'm even more excited for WASM as it'll finally give web devs a freedom of choice of language.
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    Until some jackass types everything as <any>, including returns.
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    That's the point
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    Is it still javascript syntax?
    If it is, I hate it already.

    You like WASM? You could use rust, even ruby with extra steps.
    Be happy, stoo using JS.
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