When you have no more tickets on your plate for a sprint, do you usually ask for more tickets, or do you wait to get assigned more tickets?

I'm the new guy, and don't want to work too fast, but also don't want to work too slow.

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    In a normal scenario, you take something off the input queue or "TODO" list that's been storypointed & approved for the current sprint, and you get on with it. The whole point of agile is you don't need to wait to be assigned stuff - you've got a bunch of stuff to do, and you just take it and do it as you're able to.

    Only thing I'd caution against as the new guy is that a lot of places *don't* do agile properly and have weird bastardisations of it instead - so you're best double-checking that's the policy at least. Wouldn't be the first time of a place I've heard saying they're doing agile, but actually doing waterfall.
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    @AlmondSauce watergile development is a cycle though, you work in sprints, releasable work piles up, you deliver in waterfall. It's the agile waterfall.

    @drewbie there's usually something to be done, check with team lead/manager to see which ticket you can bash through next, the point of agile is to be flexible.
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    Usually I tell my boss “bitch I have nothing to work on, give me stuff or I do whatever the fuck I want”

    Which usually results in doing whatever I want to do.
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    Keep a slow but steady pace.

    That way when the need arises you can drastically increase your productivity and please management, but it won’t be their normal expectations of you. Helps stave off burnout and keeps you sane and happy.
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    @Root Thank you for your advice and everyone else as well! Will try to keep myself at a stable pace.
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