When you work super hard for 3 years to acquire skills to get a job at your Dream Startup

Then finally after joining,
WITHIN 3 MONTHS, unfortunately, you become a victim of MASS LAYOFFS :|
Since your company is shutting down that particular business

The fuckkk :/

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    Ouch.. I hope you have better luck in your next job!
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    Yes it hurt initially but eventually I moved on
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    Till then, develop something you always wanted but didn't have time for. Done that before and was a great portfolio piece.
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    It happens. Stay positive and you will do fine. Keep us informed. devRanters are in most countries.
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    @Jumpshot44 @reddogcct

    Thanks Man ☺️

    It happened in early 2016
    Then moved on and now working in a MNC, now my current goal is even higher

    My most rants are based on my early experiences 😁

    My current company is kind of a decent one
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