It's amazing what a night of sleep does...

Motivation to do something:

Night time: 100%
Morning: 0

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    I don’t understand. It should be opposite, right? Sleep makes you feel good.
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    @Cyanide yes... But the hardest part is getting out of bed and then getting into a groove.
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    Just for reference after I wrote the rant, went back to sleep... Now prolly gonna be late for work...
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    @Cyanide sleep makes me feel awful. Worse than before sleeping
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    Before sleeping, you look fondly at all the productive things you will do the next day. 12 to 16 hours in a day, there's so much time to tick off every item on that year old to do list and still go to bed early !

    The next day, you'll spend 90% of your time trying to find some motivation, then go to bed looking fondly at all the productive things you will do next day, because this time you got it, it's certain.
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    @iiii That’s your youth talking.
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    @Cyanide what do you mean? I'm not young. Im pretty old already
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    @iiii Sleep is a necessity. If you feel like you don’t need it, that’s just your young age talking (I presume you are young).
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    @Cyanide I don't say I don't need it. I very much need it, but I don't like it because more often than not I feel much worse after sleeping
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