Wow, as if I would have been totally lost if it wasn’t for this “lifesaving” comment

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    Imagine the compiler being like "Wow, thanks for telling me"
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    That’s a lie. There is still something on line 19.
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    That looks like something from an automatic code generator. They will put markers to know what is generated code and what is not.
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    Whew.. this saved my life once.. I wad reading the code so fast, if it hadn't been for the comment I'd have hit the end of document at full speed!! Imagine the consequences...
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    @Demolishun Sure, but if you're generating code into a non-empty file, VCS should be able to tell you what's new.
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    @Demolishun unfortunately I know for a fact that this code is hand rolled
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    @monkcs This needs a gif that zooms into the "end of code" text until it fills the screen.
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    That’s not a comment.
    That’s ASCII art.
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    @Demolishun At one point it will be showing the whole planet.
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    Shut up its cute
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    Is the first 7 lines includes and a “Start of code” - comment ?

    But let’s be serious her, I mean still dR; why the light theme ?
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