Anyone else into Video Game soundtracks !? Just saw a video about FF7 Remake's soundtrack and got pulled into it. Do you listen to it during work !? And any genre in specific ?

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    doom eternal ost on repeat
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    I never listen to music while coding but I do have over 300 hours playing FFVII on the original playstation ;)
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    Red dead redemption 2 soundtrack for the win.
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    Good vgm covers are my favorite but hard to come by.

    My trick is to avoid anything labelled [METAL GUITAR].

    If you like FF music do yourself a favor and look up Marc Papeghin's epic medleys, you won't regret it.
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    Heck, my entire music collection is nothing but game soundtracks and chiptunes with some anime stuff here and there
    I'm even fine with vocals if they're not in English
    And why not "metal"? Both "Metroid Metal" and "Undertale Determination" are pretty fun to code with
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    @hamido-san because they're generally ultra-distorted, constant chug-chug-chug-chugga-chug with no dynamics or respect for the original song, which is a shame because many are very talented musicians.

    Obviously they're not all bad but I can't be bothered to sort through the shit as it's not a genre I care for, anyway.
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    For the record i also hate metal especially in Game soundtracks. Being the main thing i listen to always, i find it too jarring if i am not playing. But I started love that one metal track from Doom Eternal, because of that orchestra in the game awards. God do i want a longer version of the orchestra.

    Vocals in game soundtracks are a huge bummer. I was into the bayoneta album until i heard someone singing..😭
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    @purist if you like orchestral music, have you tried total annihilation ost?
    as for doom half of it is dark techno-something more than metal tbh. (im normally not a huge fan of edm)
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