We live in a world where WEAKNESS has become a virtue.

- I'm oppressed!
- My mental health!
- I need a helper!
- I'm sensitive!
- You're fatphobic!

In today's world, you score more social points for describing yourself as weak & blaming 'oppressors' for your miserable life

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    Its a pendulum. Society will swing back the other way...I hope.
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    It depends where you currently are, and where have you come from.
    When all your basic needs have been met and for generations, you have been living beyond some standards, you start focusing on improving niche parts which people who haven't reached there yet find a nuisance.
    An argument "how is mental health even a challenge for you, I have to struggle for food everyday, that's a real challenge' is what I hear regularly. Critically speaking, ofcourse if struggling for food is compared with mental health, it's going to be crucial, difficult and more important.

    And I can say this because I come from a third world country where I have seen my parents struggle to keep us fed.

    That said, yes people have become over sensetive cunts.
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    Yes, it does - and that sadly is, what makes wars possible.
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    Or... we've started acknowledging problems that we didn't think about before. Sure there's a lot of SJWness but there's also a lot more awareness about mental health issues, racism, bias etc. which is hugely beneficial and imo worth the odd oversensitive idiot. You're seeing the bad side more clearly because it tends to make headlines. By definition loud attention seeking SJW types are overrepresented on the internet, and that's basically all we have to go on right now. There's a lot of genuine stuff out there too.
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    I for one agree with OP

    It might seem like we're addressing real issues, but what we're doing is actually avoiding them... We went from one ubhealthy habbit (ignoring it because we don't know what to do with it) to another (celebrating it because we don't know what to do with it)

    Arguably It's a step forward, but I'm yet unsure whether this will breed generations of entitled brats or generations of more understanding individuals...

    But Im kinda expecting much of this to end in violence before it gets better -_-
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    @RememberMe We all know the issues are out there. But ask any afroamerican how things like renaming master/slave helped them to overcome racism in their daily lives. Or how making Queeng Playing Cards helped womens to overcame industry pay gap. You can find hundreds of examples like this.

    The problem with all these SJW initiatives is they feel more like a PR stunts than actual attempt at solving the problem and when you point out it's not actually helping or having the desired effect, you're marked as somebody refusing to acknowledge the problem exists or even as opposition/cause of the problem.
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    @RememberMe you're right, but some of the "SJW" issues are kinda pathetic. The problem is that once people saw what the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s did, they wanted in on the righteous victim pie. So, every victimhood identity came out of the woodwork. There's real, and then there's no so real; and some of the time, it's hard to distinguish.
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    the best example of this, i feel, is trash talking in games. It used to be part of the meta, trying to tilt your opponent to make up for lack of skill that comes with being like 11, now people cry about it online after every match over fairly innocuous trash talking that would've gotten you laughed at before for being awful at it.
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    @Parzi ha yeah.
    I usually just reply: u sarcastic ? And follow up with the same question.

    If you're smart enough to realize it's a trap, you get annoyed with the recursion of an oxymoron...

    Otherwise you can tilt ppl by eli5 it, which usually makes others mock that poor soul :p
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    Mental health issues are real and if we are to minimise suffering they should be handled. They were traditionally the subject's fault, but the gender of a child was also considered the mother's business so it's not like traditional responsibilities are worth a fuck.

    Oppression has always been a topic among the oppressed. Lately the oppressors figured out how to turn us against each other, so we argue about the gender pay gap rather than realising that both male and female employees enjoy a humiliatingly small fraction of their production.

    Also news spread quickly and everybody wants a slice of the publicity cake, so new age publicists talk about anything just to have a reason to talk.

    As a result, media is largely occupied by (usually valid) complaints misdirected towards powerless groups, spread by people who are incentivised to spread anything.

    I largely agree with you, but things don't just happen, and we must look at what really changed and what interest or demand caused it.
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    Wow, im really disappointed by devrant community that this bullshit boomer post got so many likes.
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    A homeless hungry man may look at any "devRant-ing" post and tell in the same way as the OP that "Oh see the softies bitching about their BS issues on their fancy machines.How's that a real problem?The REAL problem is fighting day in an out for survival.Damn man the society has gone soft."

    The severity of any problem is to be decided and expressed by the party who are getting impacted by it.Parties who don't have any direct or indirect experience,can't really be the supreme judge of what's BS and what's not.

    If Asking for Help is a Weakness,then what's the point of SO and other forums? How's asking for help in code not a weakness but asking for help regarding mental health,is?

    Extremities are there everywhere, some people use real issues to push their own selfish agendas.But the issues don't come up from thin air.They mostly have a truly existing root that needs to be paid attention to.

    Devs like to identify problems and solve them, in softwares.Some people try the same,in society.
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