Does anyone have a good suggestion to a (PC) game that is quick to fire up, runs in a window and offers some distraction for 5-10 minutes at a time while I wait for docker builds to complete, deployments to finish etc? Just braindead shit, like Clash of Clans on mobile for instance.

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    Any online flash like mini game?

    Or maybe, just maybeeeeee, optimize the build to take less time, or change your work flow to not requires full docker image builds?
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    @magicMirror not too much I can do about our AWS CI/CD deployment time. But this is not just to fill those minutes, it's nice to have a break now and then too.
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    Knightmare tower is my sugestion. It's not free, but it's brain dead fun.
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    Could try Kingdom New Lands or Kingdom Two Crowns (but the last one is only on steam due to multiplayer implementation)
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    Youtube. I like videos about world history. They're kind of thought provoking, but ultimately brain dead.
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    You are basically searching for any game that is window-able and has short levels
    or any non-realtime game of any genre which supports saving.
    There are millions of options. So what games do you like?
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    @Oktokolo Yep, there are so many options. I don't really have a preferred game genre (except rally games on console..), so I wanted to leave it a bit open. Some good suggestions so far, I'll look into them!
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    Try roguelikes - they are good for ad-hoc gaming, most often turn-based and almost always very lightweight.
    They are also the definition of generic - so you can't get hooked on any story.
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