I was taking a look at my past rants and I came across this one from not so long ago: https://devrant.com/rants/3646525/...

TL;DR: I said I was happy about my new internship because I was going to work on backend and it had pretty good pay for an intern. I also mentioned it was too good to be true, so there had to be a catch.

Welp, after almost 4 months, here's how the "great" job is going:
- Even though I was hired as a backend developer, I basically just did mobile for 2 months and a half and now I've been doing web frontend for the past month.
- I found out I'm actually being underpaid (like, at best I'm earning 50% of what I should).

I can't complain much though, it's my first job ever and I got it at the 2nd semester in CS without prior professional experience. But still, it's not very motivating seeing friends that started learning programming from scratch a year ago and are already being paid more...

Luckily my contract ends in two months and then I'll finally be able to start studying quantum computing and hopefully (in time) I'll be able to write simple "quantum algorithms" or whatever the hell they're called. I also have some projects I want to make (especially one that involves learning C++ πŸ˜‹).

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    That four month period is what they call a "honey moon" phase.

    It's where everything seems swell because the workplace and the colleagues are new.

    Whether it gets better or worse, the honey moon phase always comes to an end.
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