what is your one favourite thing you love about programing ?

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    It gets shit done.
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    code can be reverted and copied (unlike tech hardware or construction material)
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    Automation, insane levels of automation :)
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    Answering random shit to shitty questions slightly related to programming
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    Not doing it...
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    I like writing and refactoring abstract code for unknown reasons.
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    Finding the cleanest and most performant way of solving a complex problem. Sometimes I'm thinking about a problem I have already solved for days, just to find a even better way. It just makes me happy.

    2nd place: Pointing out shitty code from colleagues 😅
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    I get to build cool shit

    Not even 50 years ago, it would've been nearly impossible for anyone to imagine being able to access all of humanity's knowledge instantly. Now, we can access everything known to man, chat with friends, and connect with people with similar interests all from the comfort of your sofa. It's truly amazing, and I can't wait to see what clever programmers come up with next for the future of the internet
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    That you can do anything(within limits of your resources and laws of physics + computation) which is cool af and it allows you to create on your own
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    It’s an escape from the outside world. There are enough thought processes up at once to properly shut everything else out.
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    It gives the ability to change the world to an individual.

    It's also the one thing I hate about it as well.
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