My productivity hack? Exercise.

It's amazing what a good workout can do after a long day of work. The stress just melts away and i sleep like a baby!! Ready to rock and roll the next day. 😎

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    Don't you feel too burnt out to exercise after work, at least in the early stages?
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    @cst1992 I guess it depends on how physically exhausted i feel. If i'm too exhausted i just go right to bed, otherwise i exercise (running, etc.)
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    @Jop- walking doesn't count as exercise.
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    I run. I use to hate running, now I do about 20 miles in a good week.

    It quiets the noise. I think clearly afterwards.

    Running in the afternoon is like getting a second morning productivity rush (the first being my first coffee of the day).

    ...and then I sleep like a baby, which makes my mind even sharper the next day.

    I didn't start running until I was 34, I really really really hated running. Then I finally eased into it, got lots of advice from r/running on reddit which helped my tubby ass tremendously, and lost over 50 pounds.

    I'm 37 now and I have my life back. I beg all of you, *especially* you under 30 crowd, do this hard thing for yourself. Nothing is more rewarding.

    Plus if you live longer you get to play more video games. :D
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