pgAdmin 4: I don't know what shit they used to build you and I don't give a light fuck, you fucking suck!! 😤😤

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    yea fuck pgAdmin,all hail DataGrip!
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    gotta agree, while the devs were awesome to help getting around a proxy-related bug (kudos4that) the app is just horrible, slow af and the UI is straight from 1995... keeping pgAdmin3 and checking out DBeaver meanwhile
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    @bdhobare but is DataGrip in the same category as pgAdmin? DG seems more intended for developers than admins (no role management for example...?)
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    yea, registered just to rant.
    Using pgAdmin 4.1
    Try to add a column on an existing table.
    Click the + sign, and it showed the error message that you can't have an empty name of a column!!!

    Of course!!! But don't cover the textbox of that error message, so that I can write the name of the column.

    Quick solution:
    Revert to pgAdmin 3.
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    I too registered just to rant and agree PGAdmin 4 is TERRIBLE!
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