A) Create something that works, is fast, minimum bugs, have edge cases covered, nice testes, clean code. Cool, you did your job. END.

B) Create something shitty with bugs, performance issues, non or poor test coverage, mess code, etc. Cool, you did you job. But...

Next week you reduced bugs by 50%. Wow, you're rockstar.

Another week you improved performance by 15%. Again, you're the hero.

2 weeks later, you reached 85% test coverage. Management is so happy that almost got orgasm.

"A" took 3 months, "B" took 3 months plus few months of fixes. The only time where B was winning was first 4 weeks, where A was carefully building it's architecture and quality.

Yet B is seemed more successful.

This industry is F****d Up beyond my understanding.

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    While A is making sure everything is up to standard, the client is complaining about not seeing happy progress numbers.

    Meanwhile B is "working hard“ and any problems that arise are out of his control, of course, that's the nature of development!

    At this point I have to explicitly ask to my boss permission to do A, it sucks.
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    Always do A - you can always do A somewhere else, if they don't like it...
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    I do have nice testes, thanks for noticing.
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    Bosses always want B) or pseudo MVP
    As it gets stuff rolling out quicker in their point of view
    Better for them if is B + requirements on demand + fuck off requirements + ship out something that dominates the world + god knows what

    I always go wit A! And have them state the requirements.
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    A isnt a progression like B, its a result. Thats why A appears to be impossible.
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