What do you call a gay programmer?

A backend engineer

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    I don't think I call myself that :p
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    I dunt git the joke
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    More like penetration tester..
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    Yeah pretty sure that's not how I'd call myself 😅
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    That's wrong in so many levels .. but hey, Trump is POTUS, so anything can happen ..
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    Something something Lisp

    (...also just on the ++ wagon, no offense to gay people. I figure if I think my gay friend and/or Scott Thompson would laugh it's probably cool.)
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    And if he/she is a gamer? You call "gaymer" ? (Yes, I don't have friends either...)
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    Gaymer is used quite a lot indeed ^^ @azous
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    @Icratox 😂😂😂
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    The more the joke is inappropriate the more it is funny =D Partly because people get offended over something silly =D

    Nobody smart has EVER cared where people hide their zucchini. The ones that do care are not worth the trouble.
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    @xios I never care much about jokes about my sexuality. Even enjoy them and it can lead to awesome friendships and situations. For example at my job, colleagues and I are constantly joking with each other =D

    However when it gets to the point where people mean it with harm and offense, my stance is different.
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