My roommate is a damn wannabe programmer: he keeps talking about how much he’s passionate into technology, buying hardware, spending hours into arranging his workstation to be as “cool looking” as possible, talking about future big projects, he even wants the fucking Java and Arduino logos embroidered in his backpack the only issues are that I’ve never seen him spending time in a project which going beyond literal hello world and if I offer him help to help and improve (I’m an employed programmer) he refuses because he’s tired/lacks time (but always make it for Netflix). I’d be still ok with that because I believe in living and letting live but now every time he starts to bore me with his lengthy stories about projects he’ll never do I imagine him with a big clown nose 🤡

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    Sorry for the grammar, rage and touch keyboard doesn’t get along well 😅
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    Welcome to 21st century, where marketing won the war and chances are he will get a nice position because he’ll share the fanboy stuff he has on LinkedIn.
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    @piratefox yeah, you’re right and don’t get me started on how LinkedIn is so cringe nowadays, I’ve an acquaintance which wrote his LinkedIn bio talking about himself in 3rd person clearly exaggerating his skills (I’ve worked on a pet project with him so I can talk by experience)
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    “...boy that's just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.”
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    @DEVil666 [dev] is an innovator, an entrepreneur and a master of finance.

    Reality check: opened a lemonade stand, used brown sugar and gained 1$
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    @fiftyhz I agree, Bob.
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    Instead of imagining him with a clown nose, why don't you ask him to shut the fuck up?
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    @hack I don’t find the need of polluting a decent roommate relationship with pointless drama
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