What is thin line between:

- "being a leader" and "helping others succeed" and "making team working together"


- having to get shit done myself because team can't reliably deliver even basic tasks, and ultimately managers expect you to make "the team" shit done

IMO these are 2 different things. Complete opposite. Like snow vs fire. Like shit vs parfume. Yet my manager see it as almost same thing.

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    Sometimes you need to throw out the garbage and start fresh.

    Part of being a leader, though, is bearing responsibility for your underlings. If they don’t or can’t step up, that burden falls to you. Likewise if their training is inadequate, that’s on you. Their successes are theirs; their failures are yours.

    But sometimes garbage is garbage, and it can’t help its nature — and neither can you no matter your efforts. Better to replace it. Knowing when and how to help, and when to replace is also part of management and leadership.
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    Well in French perfume is just toilet water... 😜
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    @Root i am leader without authority to:

    - assemble team
    - fire
    - exchange members with another
    - put on PIP

    I'm expected to be tech leader, deliver what is told with resources granted.
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    Ehat you still can: measure the performance of team members and reporting it to your direct manager
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    @KatatonDzsentri they know their performance is bad. They admit it. Nevertheless it's on me to deliver.

    If I won't, it would be me to be blamed.
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    That's cool, so now the time is to escalate. If you're manager won't listen, you go above him with one level.
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    @KatatonDzsentri or leave!

    if you can’t improve your situation, find a better situation.
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    @bzq84 fun fact, skatole has jasmine odor in low concentrations but in higher it has smell of mamalian shit.
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    @Root very true. As I said already under a different rant: life is too short to spend it on a shitty job. An advice though: look first, resign after :)
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