do you have a visible tattoo?
if so, have you ever been discriminated because of it?

I have been thinking about getting an arm tattoo for a couple of years now. Never been able to make the call to go for it.

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    I have a velociraptor on my leg and no one ever cared. The most I’ve heard from people is that it looks cool, haha.

    Seriously, I don’t think that you should worry about it especially as a dev.
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    I have a big Jörmungandr tattoo taking up the entire inside of my left forearm. I've only ever had people ask what it was out of curiosity and my old boss thought it was rad. I'm getting the other side done sometime this year I hope.
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    I've wondered about this myself. I'm changing careers from the restaurant industry, and getting a comp-sci education. In the kitchen, we were all covered in tattoos. All of mine are on my hands and arms, as we're my colleagues'. I wonder how some senior engineer employer is going to view this, after I graduate.
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    @Elyz I don't suppose one could get a picture?
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    I don’t have any tattoos, but the only time i ever heard of anyone getting in trouble for a visible tattoo was when I was in the army and a guy got one on his neck, because it would be visible when wearing a tunic.

    I guess it depends on the country you’re in, where the tattoo is, and whether it is offensive.
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    You can get discriminated and even beaten up...

    For everything.

    If you start worrying about this, you're a lost cause.

    Just do what you like. As long as it's not illegal content, it's fine.
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    I have super visible tattoos.

    If you're a dev it's actually an advantage ;)
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    @BadFox no, sorry. I'm too easily identifiable from that :)
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    @Elyz Oh well, thanks anyway.
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