(From a previous rant I made)
As a note to all of my brothers from India. I am not happy with the current state in which your country is in regards to this bothersome pandemic. I do not feel happy, I am not jumping around singing to the doom you are all facing. I am sad. I know your people are good and your engineers outstanding.

Were it for me you would all be here in the U.S with me chilling with some good bourbon in celebration to how strong you can make our tech be.

My previous post was in regards to scammers, and I am very well aware that you are not at fault.

Be strong brothers, you will all survive this, just as India has survived generations of struggles.

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    Better to go and stay in China :/
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    @devjesus Because China has a future while the US have a past.
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    >US have a past.

    What's the difference between yoghurt and US?

    If you keep yoghurt for 200 years, it will develop a culture.

    Good to see you all fuckers after a long time.

    Floyd is fucked. Expect a post soon.
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    @Fast-Nop I disagree with that statement. But like the competition that the world seems to be having with China.
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    China is very close to failure.

    US is about to save the world, again.

    Of course, saving the world the last time might have been a psyop. Its all very confusing.

    Heres to hoping for a better tomorrow soon.
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