Got a hi-end latex mattress and it’s godly. We usually overlook mattresses because a person uses one since the early childhood and a mattress is not a thing that is often changed, contrary to clothes or boots.

Absolutely invest in a good one.

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    I got a really expensive one a long time ago. Basically a giant block of memory foam with a bit of other foam at the core reinforcing it. It was insanely comfortable.

    It had started to sag after we moved to a warmer home so we switched to a more conventional mattress. We still talk about the old one.
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    3 things you should always get the best of:
    A mattress and shoes, because you're either laying down or on your feet. The other is toilet paper, no explanation needed!
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    What are the options for that LaTeX mattress?
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    Allergic to latex :(
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    Well, I can't comprehend LaTeX without WYSIWYM editor. Totally recommending TeXmacs.
    TeXmacs: give the rest not just to spine, but also your eyes! 😌 /rofl
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    @AlgoRythm use polyurethane or whatever works for you. Latex being the most durable of them all doesn’t mean there are no comfortable alternatives ;)
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    @AlgoRythm also what I hate is the syntax :D not allergic to it but it’s much more complicated than it needs to be
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