Worst coding interruptions are, by far, instant messages. Especially messages I don't care about. People who tag an entire channel when they shouldn't. The Diversity and Inclusion channel that everyone has to join that tags the entire channel, all 2000 members, at least once a day to share some blog post nobody wants to read. Other employees sending "Hi" to me and expecting an immediate response even though I don't know what they want yet. People who think Slack is an alternative to our support ticket system.

I am often tempted to just sign out for the day, but unfortunately some of the messages are actually important...

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    Yep. I now flinch every time I hear that bloody Teams notification sound.

    Also, is your site down ?
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    @-red site? What site? I see no site.


    It was a blog I never really posted on so I deleted it a while back.
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    @EmberQuill Ah okay haha.
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    Why do you even keep sounds on, then complain?
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    I hate people calling me via Teams even more 😅 have to look for headset, plug in, tell someone i don't have time annddd where was I?

    At least with IM people dont expect instant response, and you usually know what it's about
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    I once had a sales guy group calling sw dev because he needed to know how to save a document as pdf asap 😭

    But yeah the hi messages come close
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    I just check Slack on my muted phone. On the toilet.

    Not actually using the desktop client, unless I'm in a meeting and need to share links.
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