People who say "hi" on slack and then take 50 years to say what they actually want to say.

People who sit on the table beside yours to play games on their phones.

People who call you dad.


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    "Hi, are you here?"
    *writing for 10 minutes*
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    @lamka02sk only to realize Internet connectivity was lost
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    At a big company I stopped responding to 'hi'.

    As expected a whole series of complains came in that "he's not at his desk" kinda petty informal complaints.

    Knowing it was coming I was able to show otherwise and made it clear that if I get a message it had better tell me it is urgent and what and not be just "hi" otherwise I'm going to continue working on other priorities....
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    *awaits response*

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    @C0D4 🥇🍪💳 you sir, deserve a medal, a cookie and all the credit!
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    @alexbrooklyn Seriously. I love that I've been spending a lot of time with my kid (WFH since April of last year) but, man, after the 100th, "Dad look at this, it's where Spongebob does something ridiculous" it gets /a little/ distracting.

    I mean, to be fair, Spongebob does a lot of ridiculous things xD
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    @C0D4 I have that posted everywhere. some people still dosen't change. so i don't bother replying to them.
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    @brown slack etiquette is part of our onboarding. Nobody does that, thank hell.
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    Such people are really annoying...

    My constant fav reply at 3rd time: Please type the intended message at one go instead of simply saying 'Hi'

    And voila, people at least I know don't repeat it again.
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    @alexbrooklyn he went to the corner store for smokes and never returned.
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