Aaand, I can't even post a rant with so little chars... Yet coworkers and customers find it ok to only write hi and wait for me to respond.. Just write what the fuck you want in one go so I can decide if I really need to jump, or I can get back to this later..

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    @AtuM 🤪 🤣🤣🤣
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    I just wanted
    to say hi
    for some reason
    I’m writing small parts
    of sentences
    as separate messages
    so you get bombed
    with countless
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    I love doing that
    It's a great
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    @myss @Lensflare 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Yes. Fuck those.
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    It's as if someone called you on the phone, said "Hi!", and then put you on hold.
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    @Lensflare one of my coworkers does this and won't stop. I'm trying to subtly train him to send complete messages by signing out of slack if he hasn't gotten to the point by his third message.
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    I am the culprit who just said "Hi" to co-worker. Let me present my case here before you all burn me at the stake.

    I usually just said "hi" to see if he/she is busy. If he/she doesn't reply within a certain time frame, I usually take it as my co-worker is busy and try to find other people who can help me out.

    If it is a problem that only he/she can solve for me, I write the full problem in the chat and hope that he/she reply back to me as soon as he/she can.

    Well if it the urgent problem which need immediate solving (for example: I delete the database and cannot find backup) , I try to walk up to my co-worker if he/she is in walking distance.

    I have finish presenting my case. Now it time to do some burning.
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    @mr-user just asking the question you want to ask in your first message might work more often. I usually ignore a "Hi" message because it takes time and multiple messages to get to the point. I only respond if they are persistent and keep messaging me, or if they ask a question I can answer. Sometimes a question that would take less than a minute to answer is extended into a five minute conversation that starts with "Hi."
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    How about if the problem I have can be solve by anyone in your department and doesn't specifically need to be solve by you?

    In that case I thought you will appreciate me asking other people if you are busy.
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    Devrant has made me stop doing this. Now i type a two page long question everytime i ping someone, so that they can have all details they can have to make the decision whether they wanna answer or not.
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    @mr-user Don't need me specifically? Even worse to DM me with a 'hi' & wait for a response to check if I have the time..

    If anyone can help you than ask in group chat if anyone has the time to do it right now.. if you do not dare to be public, you can still write sth along the lines: hi! do you perhaps have time to help me with xy?

    Personally, if I know what you need upfront, I can either write it down or say, ping me in 10mins, or ask person Z to help you..
    Writing just hi to check if I'm busy will just piss me off.. It's like my only job in the whole day is to sit around & wait to help you..

    // sounds arogant, but really.. you expect people to be at work but not be busy with anything?!
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    @purist And if we'll ever work together, thank you for that!
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    @mr-user you could check if they're busy by stating your question right away.
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    @sladuled I will take your advise. Maybe I sound arrogant to other people, sorry for that.

    Let me get something straight. It rude to just say "Hi" but it's ok to say something like "Hi, do you have time to help me with xy?"
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    @mr-user Um..for me, no not rude..just annoying as fuck as it wastes my focus without actually telling me what you need..

    In my defense, I do tell new support guys or anyone I work with to not fidget and waste time on pleasantries.. if you need something from me, just say so.. especially if you fucked up something that needs fixing right away..
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    @mr-user I'd say it's not necessarily rude, but just mildly annoying. Having the question or the thing you need help with in the first message helps me decide whether I have time to get involved, while a message that only says "Hi" tells me nothing, and is often just ignored because I don't have time to play twenty questions to figure out what someone needs.
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    @mr-user omg, it's the same thing. Here's a website for you: http://nohello.com
    Please, write down what you want to ask/request in the first message. Trust me, some of your colleagues are already plotting your disappearance.
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    @mr-user two magical words: ticket system.

    You can drop it and it gets picked up by someone qualified. With right properties it gets escalated if taking to long. You can see the status yourself. Saves a lot of back and forth communication and harassing multiple people.
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    Thank you for the website.

    I think I am nice enough that my colleague are not my plotting for my disappearance *yet*

    After my initial "Hi" , they get a long a passage of question,solutions I have tried out before and screenshot of the problem. Maybe that have been saving my life so far.
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    @mr-user most probably :) next time try this. Instead of hitting enter after Hi, hit shift-enter. Life-changer :)
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    @KatatonDzsentri @sladuled Thank guy. I try bombarding them with question and I got the respond faster.

    I goes with


    Hello , do you have time to help me with ....?

    A passage full of question


    I still can't get rid of "Hello" but I am sure nobody will mind it.
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    Nice job!
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    @mr-user (: I think most people have the time/will to help, just don't have the time/will to extract info.. So yeah, coming prepared, what is not ok, what you've tried so far, which customer etc goes a long way..
    One of my coworkers is very adamant about specifications.. if it's not written down exactly what needs to be done, he will refuse to start working on a feature, same goes if you try asking them for help and you're not prepared.. one time some junior came for help.. um..this is not working..um.. I don't know what's wrong.. ummm.. and then when asked what he was trying to do and what he tried so far he couldn't even answer..it did not go well.. 🤣😇
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    @sladuled that wouldn't work with me either :) I'm not that needy (I can work with very broad specs, in fact, I like it), but asking for help without being able to tell me what didn't work... Come on, I'm not a kindergarten teacher. I have enough kids, thanks :D
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    I think telling what you have try before is a common sense (I hope) in this industry.
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    @mr-user You'd think so, yes... but sadly, no..
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    Having call out on SO and other internet forum hammer that habit into your head already?
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    I was about to lose it once when someone did this to me twice in one go...

    Them: hi
    Me: hi
    Them: hi // AGAIN
    Me: // screams internally
    Them: // question...
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