Worst and most anoying coding interuption is the need to pee.
First you ignore it, but suddenly it starts to hurt.

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    *coffee itensifies*
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    Then you finish and tests run without errors and you let go - right there at your desk.

    No no... you run to the toilet and let go there. Best feeling ever. Until no.2 calls.
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    I personally let myself go to the bathroom as soon as I start feeling it, especially when I'm writing a complex piece of code. It lets me calm down and think about my next steps in the code.
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    @eo2875 when I’m writing complex code, I literally can’t leave the desk. I’ve got half the code planned out in my head, and until I’m finished, the code I’ve written is a broken and jumbled mess

    Leaving my desk would mean losing the head code, and that would destroy my productivity
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    @10Dev okay yeah that's true. I meant *right before* I start the complex part
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    @10Dev yeah that also happens to me. because of that i now try to first write comments on what i want to archieve instead of coding it out directly. like so:

    // get workload

    // do thing A

    // do thing B

    // etc.
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    @nebula I tried doing that a few weeks ago. I wanted to "plan" the code first and actually write it once I had more time / was in a better mood, and I found myself really just writing the whole feature out in the comments so I said heck why not write it all now already
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    Terraform plan = pee time :)
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    Just piss yourself
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