When you're completely new to android development and Gradle doesn't want to love you...

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    "Java home is different" sounds pretty much like the monstrosity finally developed sentience and decided to declare independence. Yay! 😀
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    It straight up packed its bags and moved 😂😂😂
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    That's something I hate bout gradle the output is like "I'll give you a lot of daemon and pids but never tell you the concise reason of failure."
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    Grade will never start loving you, but you need it and it needs you. "It's complicated".
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    I'm probably being a huge idiot but I just cannot figure out what's wrong with it. Gonna persist though
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    Start the 64 bit exe of intelliJ that fixed this problem for me.
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    @aBrokenDonut is the bom.com 😄😄😄
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    Glad that i could help you as first thing I did on DevRant :D
    It costed me 6 hours when I had this problem ;)
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