I am 2 months in this job and I already hate it.
I love programming and building stuff and also the business side of things, even some meetings are ok if done efficiently.
This time its the coworkers. Nobody goes with the management decision to migrate the app. People intentionally deny help or at best dont care. Nothing is going forward.
I am a Junior but I am not just a warm body in the room. Still they really try to make me feel like I have to kiss some boots because of it. I really fucking hate this „family“ they call themselves.

How do you do? And how do you deal with a place you hate?

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    Leave? Idk, if all the people there are the problem idk if there's a lot you can do. Maybe switch teams, not sure if it's a possibility or if it would help much.

    I'm curious about what other people will suggest to you, because I don't see a lot that can be done.

    Also take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm currently in my first job (and I also hate it, but for other reasons).

    The only thing I would say is that if you consider quitting you should wait a few more months before doing it, prospective employers might see quitting in 2 months as a red flag. That's the only reason I haven't left my job yet, I already gave my boss a heads up that I won't be renewing my contract with them, but I'm waiting until the contract ends to leave, otherwise it might look bad on my resume since I've been working there for less than 6 months.
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    @neeno yeah, I am also going to stay and give it a go for 6 months. You gotta try at least and give it your best shot. But that should not stop you from planning your exit strategy from those suckers.
    That is of course only if the pay is good. Otherwise screw them :D
    Whats your deal with them?
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    @Crismon I was hired to do mainly backend dev but jump in a bit in app and web dev to help "integrate" everything, whatever that means (their words, not mine). First day on the job they tell me I'll be working on app development (*shocked Pikachu face*), but it was fine, I wanted to give flutter a go anyway so I worked with it for about 2 months.

    Then the guy that was doing the web frontend switched jobs and I had to take over the project, fine too, it was good to learn react. I've been working on web frontend for about 2 months now and I can say I don't like it.

    They said I can work in the backed if I want, but their backend codebase is a clusterfuck: lots of dead code, unorganized shit, non-strict typescript, no documentation. So I decided to stay at the frontend, because even though I don't like it it's better than dealing with that pile of crap.
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    The pay is also shit, I'm earning at best 50% of what I should (more like 25% but whatever), but I didn't ask for a raise because I'm quitting soon. I could become a junior dev at the company (currently an intern) but I don't like working there so I declined the offer. Don't get me wrong, people there are great (for the most part), I just don't like the job.

    Also, I haven't switched jobs yet because I won't be getting a new job for a while. I want to take some time to study and check out what else exists in the CS field. I really want to get into quantum computing so that's where I'll start. I'm pretty excited for my contract to end 🙃
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    Run as far and fast as possible away from any job where the team or companyis described as a "family ."
    Yeah if it were abusive alcoholic family maybe. Every workplace ever that use that term turned out to fit this profile to a T.

    And so many of the people in those jobs are there to stick the knife in your back not because they personally hate you, but for the sole purpose of getting a better foothold on the career ladder that they're making out of the corpse of your position.
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    I would start looking too change jobs now, with the expectation that it probably won’t happen until you get to 6 or 12 months experience.
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    Yeah, with the notion in mind to skip this shit show you can take it 6 months. I am trying to gain knowledge asap to go freelance/self-employed. It the only way to avoid being f^ed up for 6 months even though all lights showed green in the interview.
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