Have private dependencies anywhere and the `getting started` becomes 2/3 steps longer, and gives twice the headaches

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    Usually it's cheaper to open source any dependency than include it as a private because of that overhead
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    @msdsk If only I had that authority
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    Add a couple of random patches to the toolchain, and then you have my current headache.
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    What system are you using lol ?
    We use azure devops with private nuget packages.
    The whole config is shipped with project which uses them.
    On the first build it will pop up a windows for credentials. Done.
    And as for updating ? Automatc, on each master push => compile => unit test => create nuget => publish it to private feed.
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    @NoToJavaScript Go modules in Azure DevOps, our organization has the System.AccessToken locked down. I'm using a PAT now to inject the credentials in our docker build image and the install-dependencies task.
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    Does not seem like a very good way to do it. But I guess it is already built like that so no changes possible.

    Out of curiosity, why docker container for build and not devops pipeline with ps/python/whatever ? (Which has access to devops api/artefacts)
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    @NoToJavaScript To encapsulate everything in that docker environment, we also run unit test in there, generate stuff etc.
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    Or the classic readme.md by lazy ass dev you see at every job/shitty open source project you are stuck with:

    # Getting started
    Read the code to find out what it does

    Why did you even create a readme.md if you were not going to give a fuck in the first place?
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    @PepeTheFrog Lol 80% of our codebases have the default readme, fucking pieces of shit
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