Monitoring tools madness: quest foglight.

So, setting a blackout for an FMS "HA cluster" (which does not work due to a bug infested custom jboss implementation) can bring the servers down... And no way to bring them back up.

This brilliant piece of enterprise APM software costs 600.000€ for a 5year license.

I,ve added more drama (logs, threaddumps, support bundles and screenshots) to the support portal...

45 cases now in total, oldest case still open date 2017...

Fuck you quest software

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    I have several requests at redhat open. I can fwel your pain. Mine are a pain, because their involving SPOF with untraceable bugs.
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    And at a guess you couldn’t see the 2017 bug till you already bought it
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    Quest software is legitimately some of the worst enterprise level options of all time. We use Toad at work.
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    @AlgoRythm people really need to stop making intentional fails to move money around for illegitimate purposes

    Look at Microsoft and Google you think they’d ever engage in willful mediocrity ?!?
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