Weekly summary: 1 of your workflows have failed

- shit

The below workflow had an unusual number of failures:
Workflow X
Failed 1 times

- oh so it is failing since yesterday?

*swaty click*

8 h ago - Succeeded
1 d ago - Succeeded
6 d ago - Succeeded
1 wk ago - Failed

- Oh. Great. Perfect time and way to notify me.

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    What is swaty ?
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    @MadMadMadMrMim sweaty with a typo
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    Let me guess - Flow/Power Automate?

    Yeah it sends a double notification sometimes if the flows haven’t been rerun successfully. Makes for some sweaty cups of morning coffee
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    @boombodies we use MS GraphQL APIs from Power Automate so yes it's basically that I think
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    @Alt-Tab Yeah they are funny critters. I have to check them every day to make sure MS doesn’t randomly turn them off. I think that was a temporary bug as they rolled out the new automatic turn off for inactivity but for the next 3-6months I’m not taking any chances.

    Besides that it’s a nice platform. I wrote a macro that automatically responds to all emails with “No”. It has really sped my daily workflow up.
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    @boombodies yes, I generally like it but sometimes they just casually change the type interface for an API breaking everything..

    lmao, and your colleagues don't mind that? :D
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    It’s mostly managers that email me asking about status so fuck ‘em. The status is “No”.

    They’re just happy to get a fast response.
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