So apparently youtube now has 15s ads I can't skip

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    uBlock origin
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    You can
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    Don't be a hipster, be a skipster!
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    Report it .. the small i on the lower left -> report as redundant and it skips.
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    I remember 6 years ago there were already unskippable ads (up to 30s). So not new. I also have blocked all ads for a few years now
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    Does brave block youtube ads?
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    YouTube has ads?
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    @apan Does this answer or raise more questions?
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    @vigidis Did you just low key insinuate brave is not a real browser
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    Why watch such stupid youtubers then?
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    @theabbie uhhh , because it's free and who doesn't like free shit ( ofcourse let's ignore the amount of data am probably generating )
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    @EpicofGilgamesh Imagine complaining about an Advertisement company showing Ads.
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    @theabbie @vigidis y'all are really dropping truth bombs today
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    Adguard, brave, YouTube Vanced... There are many options
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    @vigidis wow. such bile.
    whats your issue with brave?
    im using it rn, maybe there's something i should know?
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    Youtube is garbage anyway.
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    Firefox with Youtube Enhancer. All ads are never an issue.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh also, yes, brave blocks everything. and gives you a neat welcome page with how many trackers it blocked.

    but in truth, such considerations only become an issue if you get political.

    but then you connect with another ip. there's no in-between.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh yeah, i mean, even mozilla had shady history
    and brave blocks everything by default
    also their mission statement is that they provide a browser without all the trackers. i mean its their core marketing. like i wrote, if you go political, doesnt matter who you surf with, it comes down to deep packet inspection, at the ip level.
    so you need a burner machine + borrowed ip.
    vm should do if you swap ips around
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    @bad-frog explain the vm thing
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    @EpicofGilgamesh well, even surfing from within a virtual machine is not 100% safe.
    if you swap around different ip adresses, and by this i mean actually access points to a default gateway, so routers, noone will have realistically the time to pinpoint you. and infiltrate your vm

    i have seen weird shit like a friend of mine having a "burglery" for spreading around truly democratic ideas. except those ideas go against the established order.

    someone *dismantled (like the screws and all) a supposedly high sec lock *from the outside, to come in to steal *nothing but the shittest and shittest looking laptop from a room wit stuff worth thousands.

    drawers opened but nothing touched in it.
    gold jewelry on display not taken

    all done during a 7 min window

    ive done shady stuff, and he too. thats not how stuff happens. that was a message.
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    @bad-frog woah that's some CIA movie shit
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    @EpicofGilgamesh yup.
    not for terrorism
    not for racism or something
    just for a fresh, realistic view.
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    @bad-frog bet he is all about internet security now
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    @EpicofGilgamesh yeah if you tell around that nationnalizing heaviest industry would solve the economical problem of the world it appears you are worse than isis (who used twitter as platform for some time).
    no more taxes
    money for social programs. thats why its dangerous. it unites the left and the right against the oligarchs.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh no he stepped the fuck off at the next turn.
    today he does how to muscle vids
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    @EpicofGilgamesh its all about power.
    were talking about people who *make money.
    money was never a consideration. power is all that counts
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    Chinese Youku users with 60 seconds unskippable ads: (⊙⊙)(☉_☉)(⊙⊙)
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    @bad-frog what is power, the ability to influence?
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    @EpicofGilgamesh lol
    raw power. they say you do.
    through influence coertion or duresse
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    @EpicofGilgamesh yeah,
    influence: through culture or education,
    coertion: when not following has economical repercussions
    duresse: because if all else fails you get a policeman/antiterorist/army boot on the throat and a machinegun in the face if you dont comply. or even a bullet.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh now sometimes its for the worse, sometimes its for good.
    thats where nationnal unity comes in.
    and by extension, the instinct of conformism.
    in fact, in situations of crisis the whole nation has to act as one body.
    and if everyone thinks in the same framework, it helps

    stateshood is a thin balance
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    @vigidis true, conformism doesn't imply freedom
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    @vigidis yeah, thats because all that is attractive in communism (bar the redistribution of goods and owning of production means thing) are, in fact nationnalist ideas.

    and by nationnalist i dont mean skinhead thrash but nationnalism in the greater sense.
    just like constitutionnalism, americana, the revolution and even state-level traditions are.

    in fact, civic nationnalism as i think it is called today, is the highest expression of democracy.

    if you nationnalize at least partially, strategic industries* (energy, transport mmetallurgy and central bank), not only you can lessen or even remove taxes, but it is truly sharing the ressources of the land because because of how democracy works, everyone has a say in how it is done, by virtue of the representivity rule.

    now that democracy got fiddled with like a choir boy pretty much since its implementation in the west, is another story

    *- not sure abut the term, i was taught in french
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    @vigidis now it concerns nationnal unity in many ways as nationnal unity is not a concept limited to any for of government.

    if we were to look for its roots, we have to go way farther than humanity itself.

    in fact, nationnal unity is having a portion of the population who thinks in similar ways.

    the more people think the same, any group for that matter, the better will be their ability to adapt and react.

    in animals it is expressed by having a pack leader. couterintuitively, "nationnal unity" is expressed by "agreeing" to the "framework" of having a leader, and to the means how said leader is selected.

    in a family it is expressed by the obedience to the patriarch, or matriarch. its a good example because its one instance where "nationnal unity" is generated by education.
    i think its a good example for why you could put somewhat of an equal sign between worldview and nationnal unity
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    @vigidis and finally, at the nation level, you have nationnal unity. influenced by history, momentum, education, immigration, economy, and plenty other of which i didnt think.

    a better generalist word for nationnal unity could be group cohesion. and it emerges from instinct, way before we descended from the trees.

    and instinct appears because of environmental pressure.

    environmental pressure which changed drastically since 50 years all the while instincts are better entrenched than ever.

    now among those instincts we have contradictory ones. like the interest of the different vs the the fear of it.
    you see this in how people chose their partners.

    the original instinct was expressed in a time where people rarely travelled more than 50 miles in their life. calibrated and limited by environmental pressure.

    both instincts are needed to maintain genetic homeostasis - keep your phenotype.

    new blood to avoid getting inbred but not too much so as not to black your pheno.
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    @vigidis now if you remove or drastically change the environmental pressure, by changing culture for instance, you get "bbc" porn, thots and racism.

    in 1920, josephine baker was a star in france.
    today people are explicitly racist in france.
    my thesis: change in culture for the worse. good job lefties.
    and im not gonna touch on what usa political situation is today because thats a whole other level of fucked.

    now where it pertains to conformity, the whole concept of society is built upon it. people think alike so that the masses go in a predictable way. it was never about the outliers.
    now good statesmanship is directing the masses towards a constructive direction.

    and where it comes to freedom and conformity:
    it takes a little extra to break off from one's instincts. and that little extra, by definition, is above the norm.
    and following the definition of the norm, it is rare.
    so here you go: what conformism is, what is its place in nation building.
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    @OP VPN to Argentina, boom 1,10€ for Premium.
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