Anyone here that works with Ruby in a professional environment? How is that? Are there many devs?

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    @root look at this...
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    @johnmelodyme Oh my mistake, I thought you meant like 'Root educate this rodent on how Ruby is actually pretty popular'

    But you didn't mean it that way
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    @alexbrooklyn Wait, he didn’t?
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    I tried, wrote a few things.
    Now I am using python :(
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    Ruby is wonderful.
    It’s absolute bliss to write and maintain, and I can’t imagine loving another language more.

    Rails is pretty nice. It’s a great framework that’s easy to use, fast, has a bloody lot of features, active development, etc. I compare it to a better and cleaner (and more security friendly) Symfony. If you’re a web dev,
    Rails makes your life *easy.*

    My only worry about Rails is that the company that created Rails (Basecamp) has undergone some serious changes, and a good chunk of their employees left for political reasons. The company’s CEO wanted the company to remain politically neutral, while many of its employees wanted to focus on being political activists instead and use the company’s influence to do so. The CEO banned all political discussion, activism during work hours, etc., and so a bunch of the employees left and the devs among them refused to contribute to Rails ever again.

    While this sounds like it would hurt Rails, there is a very large community contributing to its source, so I’m not particularly worried. Sounds like another case of a very vocal few.

    Anyway, there seem to be a lot more Ruby devs (specifically Rails) than I was expecting even a year ago. I kind of thought it was rare and that I should proselytize a bit to spread the joy of Ruby, but it doesn’t seem needed. I guess we’re just a quiet bunch. Makes sense because there’s nothing to rant about or beg for help on :D
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    What she said --^ 😏

    Seriously though, Ruby et. al. is pretty awesome. I've been doing both green- and brownfield development on Rails going on year and a half now, after too much Node and PHP in my previous place.

    I love the change, and even 8 year old mastodonts that's been upgraded from Rails 2.x to 5.x with lots of old code left, is still somewhat manageable thanks to Rails. Can't think of another framework that would age old code less.
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    Sometimes I look at job offerings and see that all ruby jobs are for rails. Do people hire for normal ruby jobs as well?
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