A long struggle to change a nazi enforced scrum methodology that cut our efficency, technical standard and dedication to the product by just working on fragmented features that were added and removed by the wim of the PM.

Job offer in hand as senior dev somewhere else, I stayed, got better eventually. My old boss kept complaining on me for years in performance reviews that I did not respect managements decisions.

Two years of badly led scrum regime left our product in a spagetti mess that is still trying to be untangled.
Til this day, if I hear someone mutter "scrum", I feel a strong need to run far far away.

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    Was it a case of poor scrum implementation or do you feel it just doesn't work?
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    @shittywebdev both.

    All attempts for maintenance tasks were ignored and never made it into the sprint. Despite quite loud protests.

    Committing to a sprint and all the estimated tasks is impossible when you have to support a released product with urgent bugfixes.

    Meetings, endless amounts resulted in never getting into the flow, due to an upcoming meeting in an hour. Devs work best in 3-4 hour slots. Morning to lunch, uninterrupted, and lunch to quitting time. One of these slots can be replaced with a meeting, but not both.
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    @viking8 scrum is all about scheduled and time framed meetings and minimal Dev interruption...so don't put the blame on it but on the person who used the name because it is trendy on some "methodolgy" that came out his head
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    @cheke it seems to be a trend that people don't do it "right". Luckily, most of the world has moved away from this mini waterfall method.

    It was so bad the way our scrum master ran it, that even if the PM cancelled a feature - if it was still in the next sprint, he wouldn't allow him to take it out. Because it was already scheduled..
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    OMG that guy is a legend...sounds like worse ran than the hybrid Kanban that runs in my work currently@viking8
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    @cheke we had cake the day after he quit :)
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