Developers more than other groups tend to hold their operating system or programming language of choice dearly, to the point where if someone thinks poorly of the OS or Language, they take it like a personal attack. Then there are those who think poorly of people who who's a certain OS or a specific language. Combine the two and you get hurt feelings and identity crisis.

Can we all just agree that we're all in different stages of learning and that we all generally end up going the same direction for the same types of problems?

Or just have it out and kill each other over it. Will give me great rant material.

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    I prefer the OS war option. My secure Arch Linux distribution shall never be conquered!
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    @RexOmni Arch Linux ftw
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    All groups of people argue over some stuff like that. With devs it's about the OS and editors, gamers have their console war going on, other people talk shit about car brands...
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