Finally finished my Pacman clone (atleast all main things I wanted to complete)
Took me 1.5 years :/
Score wasn't on attempt :D

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    Why did it took so long?
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    @Skayo I integrated an editor first, so I don't have to manually make every level.
    Often i just had no motivation to work on it. First time I needed pathfinding -> biggest motivation killer because I dindn't understand it, probably 3 months just for this.
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    Good job! Did you implement the different kinds of AI the ghosts use?
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    @Haxk20 You dont have enough information for that assumption, esspecially as you dont know the skilllevel of the writer.
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    @Kattoor Yeah i did, didnt even know there are differences before i reasearched their behavior
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    @Haxk20 didnt i just answer that right before you asked? And yes probably i am just that good. Spaghetti code on mass
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