Computer Vision.....

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    Vision was more than AI
    More than Jarvis
    More than Ultron
    More than Friday
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    Nope. Not even a slight bit. Anyone can settle just because they want to show off to others or make themselves feel in love. This guy, Vision, on the other hand, found one that completes him.

    And I don't have one. I am whole as is. πŸ˜›
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    Women often prefer their vibrators
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    Alone again, naturally 🎢🎡
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    I freaking hate it when Hollywood forces emotions into technology like this. Also it was a movie I do not remember where was an AI, he said his opinion about something, the whole crew had 50-50%, but then one women screamed on him and he changed his mind... I just turned it off.
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    I never ever saw a nice girl without a boyfriend. Ever.
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    @blindXfish This makes you single, yes?
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