One month ago I had to start a school project with some my classmates. I managed all the infrastructure using terraform and today, the day before the delivery, I noticed that the graphs used for the monitoring always been so quiet. I decided to ask my team what was going on and these are their replies:
- "I thought IaC was more describing the actual infrastructure"
- "I didn't know we have a database on AWS, I always used my local postgres instance"
- "Why do we need to host our web app on AWS? I can just run it from Visual Studio"

I don't think I want to live on this planet anymore

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    If you're shocked at their incompetence, I can't imagine how you will deal with those people in the real life.

    My boyfriend has a CS degree and just about to finish his master degree in CS. I told him that I want to set up an AWS server. He asked me "What's AWS?"


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    @cho-uc I'm aware that schools teach only the minimum essential to pass the same exams of 10 years ago so students may not know what is AWS.
    My situation is that those teammates are also my classmates and if I know the basics of those topics I think also have to know them too...
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    @cho-uc Maybe he is a Azure or GCP guy!
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    This moment he knew he f_uck_dup......
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    @LazyArcher also AWS is not a topic for computer science classes.

    I know most CS grads end up being developers, but the cloud is not something from the Cs curriculum.
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    @mundo03 I'm not in the US and I'm attending a course oriented to cloud development and related, I should have said it in the rant
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    @LazyArcher ah yeah for you I did like your rant, I was reacting to something @cho-uc said.

    Your team mates are dumb AF
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    They are right.

    Why in the world you'll ever use AWS or any other cloud for school project ?

    Just show it's running in visual studio on local host.
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    There is NO corelation between CS degree and knowing how hosting works. NONE.
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    @NoToJavaScript @mundo03
    I know that cloud computing is not something mandatory at CS curriculum.
    But the fact that he has never even heard of it is disappointing.
    I lurked around pretty often in SO, devrant, and other dev communities and
    it's something that quite often is discussed.
    Sooner or later it piqued my interest.
    He doesn't have to be an expert in everything but at least I expect his answer to be "I heard of it"
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