Docker containers are actually awful garbage that should never have seen the light of day.

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    why so? is there something i should know about them?
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    Drop the attitude, start from the beginning. You don't have to like them, but they provide a function.
    Still not satisfied? Reaccess your needs and choose the right toolset. Not there yet? Do something to change it.
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    Lots of people rush to dockers defense with almost zealous fury
    And they are really sensitive about it too
    Why is that ?
    The demo they include out of box bombed on me!
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    @MadMadMadMrMim lol good question.
    its still a nifty tool.
    you can mount a lamp stack with one command.
    also it is more seamless on the hardware (you dont have to partition the ressources)

    and you have an integration of snyk(?) services (free pentesting)

    i, for myself, am genuinely curious, if there's a flaw i better know it
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    I was once like you. Then, after a while, it suddenly made sense and was super easy to use. What exactly is going wrong?
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    @Kimmax what is the correct function of a docker container?
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    @HitWRight Judging by my time spent with them so far, its to drain hours of my day away and slowly drive me deeper into alcoholism.
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    I don't think I would have ever tried self-hosting anything if I hadn't learned about Docker. Way easier to use containers for microservices than running them all natively.
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    @user00015 so clearly a plus then? 😇
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    I quite love containers. They make my work really isolated to check running, and easy to deploy in one command instead of super long instruction. Less things to remember, less documentation to write.

    Going into deeper rabbit hole with multi containerization of docker-compose. Wishing to go even deeper with Kube.
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    The point of any tool is to simplify your life, if it doesn't, then maybe you simply do not need it.

    I never had any issue with them, they're easy as fuck, you just need good linux skills
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