When I need help with JavaScript, I google 'JS (insert query here)...'

When I need help with Go, I have to google 'Go programming (insert query here)...'

The extra term 'programming' is so search engines recognise I'm looking for answers related to the Go language.

Ironic, but Go is the least 'search engine friendly' language. Sites like O'Reilly and Packtpub return searches with uneven results.

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    Reminds me of when I was looking up stuff about Swift. And Taylor Swift kept on coming up!
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    Then better try to not have a problem with LaTeX...
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    Last month I tried using Google to find me the open source tool called Bottled Water.

    Nearly killed myself.
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    There is a pprogramming language named "monkey" a very cool language concept with a trans compiler. But its not possible to google that because there are tons of things related with programming that anyhow got monkey in its names
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    What about c
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    I have this constantly with a non dev thingy. When I want to search for a song made by producer/dj Regain I always get these links with like "regain your health", "regain control of your life", regain this regain that etc haha
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    @volaski Welcome new devRanter!
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    For working in go, I usually just google <query> golang, or, go to the Godocs and do some research there
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    Welcome to devRant, @volaski @Mummie
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    I have started searching like:
    Go && programming,
    So that it displays only these two stuff.
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