how does windows explorer sort by names

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    Wow, that really really sucks.

    Maybe try dashes between numbers? I don't think sign will work.

    Dates seem to work:


    I use dates all the time. Usually start with letters though.

    File_2021-05-28.txt for example.
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    It's probably parsing the first image as dates or something
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    They have clippy tied up in some cellar in the desert, the file names get sent to him through a tube and he decides
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    @Demolishun dates are lexicographical in nature, so no specific processing is needed to sort them using basic string sorting
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    I'm all windows and .net and c#.


    Did you try "new" explorer serarch ? It's useless ! You need some pretty good APM and mouse clicking skills just to open containing folder.
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    Seems like its sorting the abs values with . as a separator between values.
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    Sort by name will sort file names by each digit in the name, which gives you what you currently see.

    You can control this in a group policy with Windows Pro

    Computer Configuration
    \Administrative Templates
    \Windows Components
    \File Explorer

    Turn off numerical sorting.

    But even then, decimals are still sorted like shit.

    Don't use "." ­čść
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    Never by name.
    sort on created at.

    That is all.
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    Windows name sorting is officially cursed, that's it.
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    AFAIK, when using dots with numerical sorting, windows will sort each component indiviually. So 2.2 = 2.02. Not that it makes any sense.
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    @korrat it makes sense for dates
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    @iiii only if you write the date as Y.M.D, which I haven't encountered yet. And even then, ISO is almost the same length, its standardized and sorts nicely in a purely lexicographic sort too
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    @korrat it also can be M.Y or D.M
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    Is there a space before the dash ?
    " -10" ?

    Just trying to make sense of this this bs
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    windows is noob shit everybody knows it
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