I had a great insight today: What annoys me so about social media and society in general are these „fake insights“ everyones having.

LinkedIn and Reddit are just undoable for me lately. Everything there feels like a youtube title: „Look how I increased my productivity“ - A To-Do-List.
We does everything anybody does or thinks have to be pseudo empowering? It less severe irl but I can feel it spilling into work in my startup company.
I feel people on devrant are the least annoying online. Why is that?

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    People who are constantly having epiphanies never grow. It's like they have the same ones over and over. Very bizarre
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    I automatically unfollow wholesome or wisdom posters.
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    @aviophile yep, same here.
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    @aviophile my mother recently moved in with me.

    My feed now is nothing but that bullshit.

    This brings me to my next problem, why the fuck is my feed changed when someone new moves in?

    Fuckin bullshit. If I can't see the shit I want to see, then there's no point in having it. So I deleted my Reddit and Google accounts.
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    You mean as fake as yours?
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    It's clickbait, simple as that. It's the same on any social media platform. it's better on devrant because that crap would get downvoted to oblivion.
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    @sariel ip tracking or something like that probably
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    LinkedIn has always sucked, IMO.
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    I hope I can troll people on LinkedIn without real life consequences. It's getting harder and harder to resist 🤣
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