Dear genie, make me take more notes. My brain is overconfident and thinks (hah) it can do/remember more than 1 thing at once. It's just a whole lotta "Hey, this is the solution to your problem! Also, look at that butterfly! By the way, I have no idea what the solution could be."

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    Hey genie. Me again. Sorry. My second wish (I do get a second wish, RIGHT?) has to be: PLEASE give me the ability to write and describe stuff better.

    I can write at the speed of thought, which sounds cool in theory, but my thoughts, as it turns out, are quite useless to the general population (and to me, 10 minutes after re-reading what i just sharted out).

    Usually my texts come out as either too concise to be comprehensible, or, like, you know, uh, I'm glad you ask, well, it's hard to say, so, I- you get the gist.
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    I script a lot of what I do to help me focus. I find that if a build takes a long time, I end up losing focus during the build. But then I started scripting what I wanted to test and it helps keep my mind on the task and test stuff quickly. Might be a front end thing though. TDD is pretty much the same thing though
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    @qbalsdon I should absolutely bother with TDD for once. Write down what the hell I want first, and *then* bother implementing it.
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    @synemeup a colleague and I have been doing TDD katas once a week to hone the thinking. Strongly recommend!
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