!warning could be longer.
I must something let go:
Im now 24 ,my life was not easy .
I got bullied all the time in school from 1 to 10 degree. I had a dream since i was 6:"no i dont wanna be a police man, fire fighter, astronaut....i want to be a programmer "..
My father did me to make an apprenticeship with Volkswagen after i finished my "middle school" (10th class);
2 years of mobbing and be sad i leaved that motherfucking "-aship"
After a while my father again wanted to ,i must to an "-aship" .yeah hes been right, but i dont want to do and work like you do!!!.. then again after "fighting" my dad (parents), i was reliant to social help for a year..
(U must know,my dream was always in my mind)
I met a girl in a different federal state in germany and moved up to her.
I worked as a daywage man to get us money.
1 year was over and then i found out the apprenticeship as web and mobile developer (computer scientist) . I applied for this an got a place.
Now my fucking dream comes true in a few months!
Just wanna say that you never should give up your interests or dreams, doesnt matter how old you are!!!!
My journey begins 2017 and yours?:))))

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    You rock dude!
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    Positive rant roxxors
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    Yo go get what you dream of, do not let any-fucking-body get in the way!
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    ++ for this story, reminds me of my background ... I also dreamed since I'm 6 to be a software-engineer ok at that time I just wanted to make some nintento games xD but anyway the dream was programming :D was bullied in school till I was 14 then I switched to school in big city and things got outa hand with getting drunk and stoned and girls and yeah just normal puberty ^^
    After screwing up school I had to work in the my dads company which sucked soooo hard I almost got depression ... long story short at 21 I got a job as a developer, now 28 still programming and couldn't be happier :)

    (I did make my final apprenticeship examination as a computer scientist, no college or something ^^)

    EDIT: my dad doesn't own the company he just worked there and it was easy to get an job for me cause of vitamin B ^^
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    @mak420 souns great :)
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