I'm working in a really really small start up company (I'm the only developer here with the owner being a programming professor in the local uni).
It's my first job after leaving uni and I knew it was a risky decision that I've made but it was my hometown and I could save some extra money by saving on rent and food, also I've always loved a good challenge.
But the challenge isn't working as excepted. It's been a year since I've started here and there was no planning for almost nothing, it's a "do as you think it's best but I'll probably won't like so you have to it again" kind of methodology. Also I've been hire to do an hybrid mobile app and I've ended up doing a full e-commerce website with shitty outdated technology that I've had no experience in using.
So for me I'm more than done. I'm tired of having my suggestions being completely ignored, of the lack of planning and instruction and the fact that I'm being underpaid for what I do.
Fuck it, I'm looking for a new job.

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    Go for it.

    Do your life as it makes you happy, not others. Some decisions seem radical, but necessary in order to get to the next stage. I'm sure out there are some guys that are just now looking for someone like you.

    If you present yourself with an overall positive attitude, willing to learn new things and improve what you already know, it shouldn't be even too hard.

    Good luck!
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    I've been doing some interviews just to see what offers I get and things look promising.
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    IDK in other countries, but here in France employers are fighting for us right out of school. No way I'm keeping a job that doesn't fully satisfy me, and you shouldn't keep a job that hurts you !
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