My girlfriend brought me her laptop at the hospital so I could code. Hello self project.


It is fucking hard to type while being plugged from fucking everywhere!

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    Get well soon, mate! In the mean time, we, fellow devs, feel your pain so devRant around for a while but also take enough rest :)
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    Dude...everywhere? :/ get well soon 😛
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    Speed recovery
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    Been there, definitely agree it's lame. Just gotta make sure they don't stick you in the hands! If they already did, ask them to move it. 9 times out of 10 they will!
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    Hope you'll get well soon! Do you have an epic story?
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    @azous @capnsoup by everywhere I mean both my hands and one in my forearm. They cannot move them becausr my muscle are stuck because of my training. Im fucking sore.

    @reirep indeed I do have one. I hace a rhabdo because of my training. The good part is my girlfriend broke her water this morning and she's at the same hospital. So i'm gonna be a dad also...
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    What happened?
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    I have trained too hard at the gym and my muscles have produced to much "secretions" (I don't know how thise are called in english) for my kidner to filter it all. So they have stopped working. Right now I am still at the hospital but I'm getting better by the day.

    It's called a rhabdo.

    The baby is born yesterday at 7am. It's a boy. He is beautiful.
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    @crackroach Congrats! wish you all possible happiness! (and get well soon :) )
    edit: my keyboard is worst than everything...
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    @azous that stress on "everywhere" 😂
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