Best: Notepad++. I don't use it to code, but it's so versatile.
Worst: node-gyp.

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    Notepad ++ is just a bit clipboard for me.
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    @N00bPancakes it's a clipboard (that survives a shutdown), but it's also a note-taking app that supports multiple views, syntax-aware for code files (useful for quick checking something without loading up an ide) .. it's super quick to start up. I have 100+ unsaved notes and it's blazingly fast, has (albeit a bit weird but) great regex search and replacement, and did i mention the best feature yet? draft as many notes and close without annoying "do you want to save this?" popups. Just save it internally, I don't care where just don't litter my desktop. With many more features, download it now!!!1!

    I don't know why im pitching it to you, sounds like you already use it.

    The ui could do with a bit of a makeover, but I'm not too bothered for what it does.
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    I use Notepad++ even for coding, at least under Windows.
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    Wtf is this gyp thing?
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    @hjk101 it's like a compiler for native node.js addons. stay away from it if you can.
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