CI CD pipelines in my company... Having CICD suppose to help development... Now we have countless templates and tools (github actions, circle ci, agro, aws beanstalk, azure pipelines, serverless, terraforms, cloud formation, helm charts, ECR, Vault... and few more).

Total chaos, doing simple CICD for 1 api and 1 lambda took 3 days so far, and will take bit more.

On top of that, no one have idea which part of scripts are doing what exactly, as responsibilities are in different tools (each tool have different config files).

Does deployment have to be so complex? Or is it that my company DevOps team makes it so unnecessary complicated?

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    Hard to say for sure, but it sounds like you have a mix of all ci cd tools available and use them together.
    Sticking with one, maybe two tools that do the same would probably help.
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    Do one thing and do it well.

    Use exactly one tech stack and exactly one CI tool.

    DevOps isn't easy per se - but it you do a wild surprise mix of everything in reach, it becomes unmaintainable mess.
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    We run tests, build, package, and deploy with azure pipelines. Sounds like they just wanted to play with everything, building pieces everywhere and decided to try to make it work together instead of consolidating.
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    @spongessuck consolidating.... Hehe.

    More throw a thermo nuclear warhead on it and whatever survives will be used.
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