I feel searching for documentation of things is getting difficult day by day. The actual documentation sites get very low page ranks and they end-up on 2nd or 3rd page of search results, while all the first page search results are links to articles filled Google Ads everywhere. If you search for say Apache Hive String Functions, you will get 10 different websites talking about Hive String functions, and the actual documentation site is on Page 2. For less popular tools, the page rank can be even lower.

On top of this, none of those 10 articles have and reference link to the actual documentation page in case you read the article and want to just quickly glance at the actual documentation which is the source of truth.

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    Then use a search engine not financed by the ads it shoves in your face.
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    @deadlyRants I use DuckDuckGo
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    @divinedragon then DO use a search engine financed by the ads it shoves in your face.
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    Ads are marked as ads, it's just that actual documentation isn't trying to do SEO while others do.

    It has nothing to do with Google, nobody bothers about SEO on DDG so, they aren't usually filthed by good SEO websites.

    Also, more people like you click on those websites that make it rank higher.
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